Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Annoying girls are... annoying.

Photo I took during the contest:
Self portrait reflection.
     So today, I took part in a photography competition. Being photography, and that everyone thinks they are photographers, there were 130 contestants. Probably 100 of those were girls.

     Let me just put it out there; girls can be so annoying!

     This group of girls near me stressed the WHOLE time. They thought they were SO good. They could hardly take a picture that was in focus. It made me mad that they freaked out over something that wouldn't even make a difference for them.

     We had to go out on a field assignment where we had to take a photo of reflection; whether it be a self portrait, a reflection in a reflection or motion in a reflection. This girl spent 15 minutes asking everyone their opinion of what picture to submit (they were all crap) and she just complained the whole time.

     Another one stressed about the written test we had to do, and made sure she knew what she was doing (understandable, yet annoying). While I was taking the test, which was easy, I could hear girls all around gossiping, complaining, giggling and all the other annoying tactics they come up with.

     Everywhere you looked, you saw a teenage girls clenching her camera in one hand, and biting her nails on the other. Eventually, I wanted to slap them all and tell them to shut up. I have never been so annoyed in my life.

-Mark Bradley

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  1. But remember, you make friends with bitches easily! Lol