Friday, March 16, 2012

New Obsession, Old Navy Tees; A review.

 These past few weeks, I have been working a ton, and pocketing money. I don't have anything that I have to spend money on, other than gas, so I have just been wasting it all.

Old Navy Classic V-Neck Tee
in Organic Peach

This brings me to my main point: Old Navy tees.

 My last two purchases have only been shirts from Old Navy, and let me say, I am extremely satisfied with my purchases.

I bought 4 Classic V-Neck Tee shirts in:

                                Heather Light Blue
                                Turquoise Heather
                                Purple Heather
                                Organic Peach

Two Premium Tee shirts in:
                 Medium Green (V-Neck)
                 Heather Light Blue (Baseball Tee)

Old Navy Men's Premium
Baseball Tee in
Heather Light Blue

 The Classic shirts are so soft, somewhat heavy, but not too hot. They fit perfectly (in medium on me) and they are tagless which makes them even more comfortable. The colors are vibrant, and I get compliments on them everytime I wear them.

 The Premium Tees are, well, premium! Extremely soft, and the fabric is very light & cool. They are great for spring! The baseball tee fits great everywhere except the arms. My arms aren't too small, but the shirt is still very loose on them, so the sleeves fall down without trying.

 Overall, I would purchase all of these shirts in every color. I love plain v-necks, and I think I just found my favorite brand of them! If I were you, I would go on over to Old Navy and buy as many as you can!

                      -Mark Bradley

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