Monday, March 12, 2012

My first time. SFW.

Why I'm starting a new blog: a complaint from a pleasant teenager. While sitting here on my friends bed, she tells me I need to start a blog. Let's me know that SHE would read it, even if no one else does. So, being naive, I get on blogger. She says that I'm perfect for having a blog; my parents own a coffee shop, and I drink coffe. I guess you absolutely have to drink coffee to be a blogger? Okay. The last time I had a blog, I had 6 followers, one would por her heart out to me everyday about ow much she hated her life. Another said to me one day, "Hi! I like cats too!" I never even said I liked cats in the first place! But, I do like cats, a lot. So I guess I will try out this blog thing. No promises, it might suck, or it may just be a total success. -MarkBradley

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